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"Three Magic Words": Excerpt #5

I would like to share another selection from U.S. Andersen’s Three Magic Words, which was written back in 1954, but which contains many universal truths that transcend eras and generations. I hope you continue to enjoy these passages as much as I enjoy sharing them with you, and if so, you might consider purchasing the book yourself, because there is far more within than I could share in these posts.

Mental healing and creation of circumstance and form through thought may never be accomplished by him whose consciousness is one of separateness.  But he who achieves the consciousness of the whole, the consciousness of God, may change form and circumstance and promote bodily healing through thought, for all things then will exist within him.


What remarkable phenomena are the myriad forms about us.  Mountains, trees, brooks, seas, meadows, the infinite varieties of  animal and vegetable life, the innumerable combinations of minerals, the astounding mechanistic forms made by the hands and ingenuity of man — their variety and number are awesome. Yet we pass them by, regarding them as natural and normal in the scheme of things, giving little or no heed to whence they have come and of what they are made. How sure we often are in our little moments in our little lives in our little material worlds. We attach our fleeting securities to the  forms around us, vainly try to build up a sense of permanence in a  constantly changing material world, forgetting the enigma of our births and the inevitability of our deaths as we put our main goals  on the accumulation of wealth and goods. Yet all form is made of the same basic substance as ourselves, pure and eternal intelligence, the Universal Subconscious Mind; and that mind and all it contains lies within each of us.


Form proceeds from mind, and mind controls all, and this knowledge  properly applied can change your life. No longer need you batter at circumstance and things; no longer need you rail at the dealings of fate or frustrate your life against unwanted circumstance.  Everything proceeds from mind, everything proceeds from thought; and miracles are wrought in quiet hours in still rooms when awakened souls harken their divinity.

You, as a person, know you exist because you think, and these thoughts of yours are far and away the most important thing you do; they are, in fact, the only thing you do. These thoughts of yours  are the essence that makes form, that brings circumstance; they are your sole tool with which to expand your consciousness. Accordingly, there is no more paramount thing for you to do than carefully select those thoughts that you will think, those beliefs you will adopt, those attitudes you will take for your own, for by them you will be what you will be; by them you have arrived exactly where you are today. If you mean for your life to be progressive and full of achievement, vigor, love, and abundance, you will abandon each negative thought the  moment it is presented to you. You will refuse to accept on the plane of mind any conception other than those that are in tune with good.  You will think only positively!  And the universe will shower you with more good than you ever dreamed.


You must understand that the teachings of this book are not to be regarded as patent medicines or wonder drugs, things that work most of the time, or some of the time, or not at all. The law this book teaches works all of the time and nothing or nobody on the face of the earth is big enough to stop it from working. We didn’t make this law. We neither start it nor stop it. Our only purpose here is to impart to you a knowledge of its existence and methods of using it. The law works one hundred percent of the time.  It never fails.  If you apply  it to achieve success and you meet with failure, it isn’t the law that has failed — it is you! You have simply failed to do the one thing it is necessary for you to do to obtain the slightest good and that is to think only positively of that good.  If an opposite develops, it has developed because you have been more convinced of it than you have of the good you want, and the law has still worked as it always must.

The cynic is his own worst enemy. It requires far less skill to run a wrecking company than it does to be an architect. The world has been built by builders, who see in the thinking mind of man the object of his own liberation. Thoughts are things, they say. Things are thoughts. Awaken, man, to your sovereignty over all. Cast aside your enemies: doubt, morbidity, fear, and guilt. Ask and it shall be given; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you. You cannot dream a dream too big, nor aspire too high. Nothing is impossible.

Everything which you can conceive and accept is yours! Entertain no doubt. Refuse to accept worry or hurry or fear. That which knows and does everything is inside you and harkens to the slightest whisper.

Until next time, my friends. Here’s to creating the life that you want to live! :-)

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